Product Safety Recall

XG65 (BLUE) / XG66 (PINK)

Product Safety Recall - Eurotrike Ultima Plus Tricycle

Consumer Product Guidance

  • Consumers should not use the product as a stroller to transport children.
  • Consumers should remove and discard the high headrest and shoulder straps on the tricycle
  • Children younger than 18 months should not use the modified product

Modification instructions - Headrest & Shoulder Strap removal

Please check your safety strap design on your Ultima Plus Tricycle to see if it is a 5-Point or 3-Point strap design.

Modification instructions: 5-Point strap design

The 5-Point strap has shoulder straps, a crotch strap and a waistline seatbelt. See instructions below for the removal of 5-Point strap design.

New Design - 5 Poing strap

Instruction Sheet 5-point Strap

Download instructions

Modification instructions: 3-Point strap design

Note: Some earlier production units of the Ultima Plus Tricycle used a 3-Point harness (identified by no seat belt, just shoulder and crotch straps). If you own this model, a retrofitting seatbelt is required, which can be dispatched immediately and is free of charge. Please fill in your contact details below for immediate seatbelt dispatch and follow the instruction sheet below for installation.

Old Design - 3 Poing strap

Instruction Sheet 3-point Strap

Download instructions

For further support, please contact us on or 1800 675 772.